The New Apprenticeships Standards

What do the new apprenticeships standards mean to you and your salon?

The new apprenticeship reforms

The government implemented a massive shake-up of the education system, and this effected apprenticeships. With all level 2 and 3 apprenticeship frameworks being phased out and replaced with new, professional standards which should ensure the apprentice is job ready when they come to completing their course.

Changes to the apprenticeship

The all new apprenticeship standard, drawn-up by employers for employers, is now part of all level 2 and 3 apprenticeships.

The standards are more learning focused against the assessment focus of the frameworks. Meaning the apprentice learns the skills they need to succeed in the role. 

A standard contains a list of the skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice will need to have learned by the end of their apprenticeship where they sit their End Point Assessment.

Which leads us to one of the biggest changes to the apprenticeship, the new independent end-point assessment, also known as the EPA. When your apprentice is ready to complete their apprenticeship, they will take part in a practical exam that will be observed by an independent examiner. This exam is designed to prove to an external examiner that the apprentice has all the skills and knowledge needed to be a confident and successful employee.

For small employers with under 50 employees

There have also been a number of changes to the way apprentices are funded. Apprentices aged 16-18 years old will be fully funded by the government and all employers will receive an incentive payment of £1,000, in two installments. A payment of £500 will be made after the apprentice has completed 6 months of their apprenticeship, and another £500 will be paid after the apprentice has completed 12 months of their apprenticeship.

For learners aged 19 and above, employers will be expected to contribute 5% of the training costs. For example, if the cost of delivery is £100, employers will be expected to pay £5.