Nail Services Apprenticeships

Take the first steps to becoming a fully qualified Nail Technician. With Level 2 and Level 3 Nail Services Apprenticeships

Level 2 Intermediate Nail Services Apprenticeship

On successful completion of a Nail Services apprenticeship, an apprentice will be able to carry out consultations with clients, demonstrate professionalism, and develop excellent communication skills and safe working practices associated with their role. They will be able to work without supervision to a high level of professionalism.

Are you an aspiring Nail Technician or would like to add to your skills? Our Nail Services apprenticeship is perfect for you. This course will provide you with the key skills and knowledge to successfully achieve your qualification! Including units in manicure, pedicure, basic nail art, nail enhancement and removal.

Level 3 Advanced Hairdressing Apprenticeship

Following a successful completion of the level 2 apprenticeship, apprentices have the opportunity to progress to an advanced level 3 apprenticeship in nail services. During the level 3 qualification learners will also study advanced functional skills.

This advanced course will expand your knowledge and skill in more advanced nail treatments. 

Learn how to enhance and maintain nails using wraps, plan and create nail art designs including 3D, embedding, colour blending, marbling, painting and alternative tip shapes.

You will also learn many Salon management skill designed to help you become an integral part of the team.

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