A Parents Guide To Saks Apprenticeships

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What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a real job in a real salon with fantastic on the job training. It's an excellent way of gaining hands-on experience to excel in a career. An apprenticeship involves structured training that enables individuals to develop the knowledge and skills required to do a specific job role. On completion, apprentices will receive a nationally recognised qualification.

Why choose Saks?

Saks Apprenticeships are proud to be one of the country's top training providers for Hairdressing apprenticeships, Barbering apprenticeships and Beauty Therapy apprenticeships. Over 20 years of experience in education has taught us that a salon’s greatest asset will always be its people. So, we’ve made it our mission to offer top-quality education that not only teaches technical skills but prepares apprentices for a successful career within their industry.

At Saks Apprenticeships the safety and welfare of our learners is of the highest priority. We have fully qualified safeguarding officers and all our staff are trained to recognise the signs of welfare concerns.

We have a 24 hour helpline for all learners, they will have direct contact with their educator and all learners are provided with contact details of government approved support agencies.  

How will a Saks apprenticeship differ from a college course?

College is usually a classroom based course where learners are taught to pass an exam, they usually aren't employed in a salon so won't be earning whilst they're learning.  

All Saks Apprentices are employed by a working salon. This means that their training is "on the job" from colleagues who have been in the business for many years. This helps the learner to develop other "life skills" to help them integrate into working life, they will learn business skills, customer services and functional skills, all while earning a wage.

At the end of the apprenticeship they will have a nationally recognised qualification and 98% of our apprentices will find work.


How can I support as a parent or guardian

Sometimes the step from school straight into employment is a hard one, as a parent or guardian you can help your child to understand the rewards and benefits to being employed, explaining that it may be hard but it is also rewarding.

Encourage them to be patient with the training, it may seem like things are going slowly at the beginning and they may not be cutting hair or carrying out complex treatments in the first few months, but they will be learning all the time.

Help them get started out with a great CV and covering letter. All apprentices will need to find a role in a salon so the starting point of this will be a great introduction to the prospective employer.

  • "By far the best training provider I have worked with! They make my apprenticeships such a smooth process."

    - Sian Peacock

    Simply Hair

  • "I’m really enjoying my Saks apprenticeship. I’ve been on lots of extra courses that they provide and I’m currently working towards my EPA. I can’t wait to finish my level 2 and move onto my advanced apprenticeship."

    - Shannon Currah

    Saks Hexham

  • "As an older apprentice I only wanted to be trained by the very best and with Saks Apprenticeships being the UK’s number 1 choice for Hairdressing training, it was an easy decision! I have thoroughly enjoyed progressing successfully over the last 2 years and have met so many amazing people who have helped me develop along the way."

    - Ria O`Sullivan

    Saks Kenilworth

  • "I chose Saks because I’ve heard nothing but good feed back about them. They continue to help you develop even when you’ve qualified which is pretty incredible! With Saks the opportunities are endless!"

    - Kirsty Abbott

    Saks Guisborough

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