How To - Recreate the Queens Iconic Look

Celebrate British Values by learning how to recreate the Queens iconic tight curl hair style!

Learn how to re-create Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic tightly curled look with direction from Saks Creative Director & famed celebrity hair stylist Luke Pluckrose and instructions from Saks Apprenticeships National Training Manager Mandy Durkin.

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What you will need to master the look:

  • Strong Hold Mousse
    Hair Spray
    Tail Comb
    Heated Tongs
    Hood Dryer or Climazone

Step 1 - Prepare Your Model

Apply a strong hold mousse to wet hair

Step 2 - Add Your Curlers

Take a section through the centre of the hair, about a rollers width wide, and roll a small roller, points to roots, and secure with a pin ensuring the ends are laid flat and smooth

Step 3 - Now The Sides

Move onto the sides using the same method as step 2.

Step 4 - Dry Your Models Hair

Dry the hair under a hood dryer or climazone for approximately 30 minutes until completely dry and allow to cool before removing the rollers.

Step 5 - Tighten Those Curls

Using your tongs, tong sections to tighten the curl as required

Step 6 - Turn Up The Volume

Using a tail comb, back comb the root area to create volume, smooth the ends and manipulate into deep waves with your hands.

Step 7 - Get An Even Balanced Finish

Tease out any gaps or holes to ensure an even balanced finish using the tail end of the tail comb.

Step 8 - Don't Forget The Pin Curls

Recreate the two pin curls at the front by teasing and moulding the sections using your fingers and a tail comb.

Step 9 - Add The Finishing Touches

Finish by using the heated tongs to smooth out any stray hairs and define the waves. Apply hair spray to hold

If you want to you can now add the ubiquitous tiara and teardrop ear rings to completely finish the look :-)

For even more detailed instruction you can watch Luke's video below.

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