Recycling - Are you doing your bit?

COP26, The 26th Conference of the Parties, is taking place in Glasgow this month. This is where world leaders meet and work together to try and reach an agreement on how to tackle climate change.

The plans and projects being agreed in Scotland may seem a world away from the day to day lives of the people that live with climate change on a day to day basis, so what can you do to help save the planet?

You could start by thinking about items we can recycle, from around the home and salon, that we might not have previously thought about recycling. 

Here are a few things you could do try to help and do your bit…

Stop unwanted mail

To stop receiving unsolicited advertising mail, contact the Mailing Preference Service and Royal Mail.  Be aware when giving your name and address; ensure you indicate you don't want your details to be used for future promotions or passed to other marketing agencies.

Think before you shop

Before you shop, think about how you could reduce your waste. For example, you could buy things with less packaging, or second-hand items.  Can you buy something that will last longer rather than a disposable item?

Rechargeable batteries are cheaper than disposables, and they can be used again and again - and using real crockery and cutlery for your parties instead of disposable ones can make a real difference. 

Keep your re-usable bags in the car boot or pop a folded cotton bag in your handbag or pocket so you always have one to hand.

Your rubbish is another person’s treasure!

Contact your local Furniture Re-use Network - they distribute unwanted furniture and household goods to those in need. Or advertise your old furniture in your local paper or online..

Donate good quality clothing, books and unwanted gifts to charity shops. Reduce your waste by reusing and repairing – many items can still be used when you've finished with them. Alternatively use the clothing banks at your local recycling centre.

Avoid wasting food!

Every year in the UK we throw away over £13 Billion of food, costing the average family almost £350 a year. 

Eat more local, seasonal food to reduce the energy needed to grow and transport the food we eat, support the local economy and reconnect with nature. And finally buy more sustainably – look for products that have been made with respect for the environment.

Turn it off!

Turn off electrical appliances when you're not using them, a single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day can cost over £50 a year. Be water wise and turn off taps to save water. Every single day more than three billion (that's three thousand million) litres of perfectly good drinking water is wasted in the UK. That's enough water to make 15 billion cups of tea, or to hydrate the entire population of Africa

Salon Recycling

Just about everything in your salon can be recycled, from hair to chemicals, from colour tubes to plastic packaging even the food waste from lunch. The Green Salon Collective is the original authority on salon sustainability who recycle virtually all your salon waste and turn their profits into charitable donations.

To find out more about how The Green Salon Collective can help your salon become more eco-friendly pop on over to their website


It's Easier Than You Think To Do Your Part. Simple Tasks Make A Huge Difference!