Saks Apprenticeships Taking Apprenticeships into the 21st Century

Saks Apprenticeships are embracing the future with innovative new ways to learn

During 2020 everyone has had to learn new ways of communicating, getting together, working and learning and here at Saks Apprenticeships we are taking our apprenticeships into the 21st century in a big way. We have started to work innovatively to make sure that our learners can stay on course with their apprenticeships and stay on top of their training.

This new way of working has led us to introduce our fantastic new Facebook Forum and our Zoom Virtual Classroom we have also been developing our unique and industry leading Virtual Learning Environment. 

The Saks Virtual Learning Environment or VLE

To help apprentices, employers and educators to keep track of their learning Saks Apprenticeships developed a bespoke interactive virtual learning environment, the VLE.

This innovative and intuitive online learning platform makes your learning journey as engaging and smooth as possible. The VLE is home to hundreds of learning resources including videos, files and interactive learning modules to ensure you have everything you need at the click of a button.

The courses section allows you to see what modules are currently being worked towards with useful links and resources at your fingertips and the unique training calendar allows you to log and track training hours, and book onto our exclusive academy courses.

Saks Apprenticeships Facebook Forum

The Facebook Forum was introduced in the first lockdown to allow us to keep engaged with our apprentices and celebrate the work that they were completing at home. Facebook is a platform that everyone was already using which made it easier for people to get involved.

The initial ideas for the forum were to allow apprentices access to videos, documents and materials as a short term solution to the problems lockdown had caused with being able to train face to face and to allow our educators to keep in touch with their learners to assign bespoke tasks and keep learners on track.

However this soon developed into a social meeting place where everyone could engage in friendly discussions and idea sharing and challenging competitions. Apprentices were sharing their lockdown styles and sharing best practices and ideas.

This solution has grown into a fantastic place for training, sharing of useful information and working collaboratively and will continue to be developed as time goes on.

Virtual Classrooms with Zoom

Where the Facebook Forum allows us to keep in touch with all our employers and learners together we also needed a way to work with smaller groups or even individual learners and this is where Zoom came in letting us bring together educators and learners for face to face learning with bespoke personalised training for the people on the call.

Every week our educators get in touch with their learners to offer help advice and assistance on the different modules in the apprenticeship as well as things outside the apprenticeships ensuring the safety and welfare of everyone.


Come and Join the Team

Saks Apprenticeships is always looking for new members of our team of learners and employers so if you are a salon owner or someone who wants to start the journey on their way to a career in hair and beauty our door is open.

There are some fantastic reasons to work with Saks Apprenticeships just take a look through our Employer or Apprentices FAQ's.