Saks Apprenticeships Helping to Tackle the Nationwide Stylist Shortage

Hair and Beauty is one of the most glamorous, exciting and rewarding industries to have a career, but the pandemic of the last few years has caused staffing problems across the country.

Saks Apprenticeships, the outstanding rated national hair and beauty training provider, can help your salon find and recruit your next superstar stylist or your next exciting role.

For owners and managers with opportunities in their salon, an apprentice is the perfect way to gain a very enthusiastic extra pair of hands to grow their team and help secure the future of their business.

The in-work learning solution provided by apprenticeships ensure that the new team members are developed to your own high standards, with the support of the experienced educators from Saks Apprenticeships.

Alongside this outstanding support there are also fantastic incentives available to salons for employing their new apprentices, no matter the age. Currently the Government is offering up to £4000 per new apprentice employed before Jan 31st 2022 and the expert tuition from Saks Apprenticeships means that the newest members of your team will be earning revenue as quickly as possible.  

Their fantastic free vacancy recruitment service is available to all salons across England and will help salons to promote their opportunities, source keen and eager candidates with a passion for the role and enroll their new apprentices on the right apprenticeships for them and their new employee.

The amazing benefits are not limited to salon owners and employers.

Apprenticeships are suitable for anybody looking to start a career in the industry with level 2 qualifications for those with little or no experience to level 3 qualifications for those wanting to improve or refresh their knowledge.

Each and every apprentice will not only learn valuable vocational skills, that will set them on a journey to a rewarding career, they will also learn skills for life which will set them up for future development long into that career.

Unlike a college or university education an apprenticeship will also allow you to earn a wage whilst you are learning, meaning you can work through your training without the added worry of being in debt when you complete your course!

Don’t Delay Make Your Move!

If you are a salon owner with an opportunity to grow your team and develop the next generation of stylists or someone looking to break into the amazing world of hair and beauty get in touch today to find out how Saks Apprenticeships can help you.

Employers and Salon Owners can find out more about our amazing apprenticeships on our Employers Guide or request our info pack here.

Apprentices can get more details on how we can help them on our Apprentices Guide or apply for apprenticeship vacancies here.