Thinking of Hiring An Apprentice - 5 Benefits

5 fantastic benefits for starting out on your apprenticeship journey

Saks apprenticeships are the UK’s leading training provider offering in work learning in the hairdressing, barbering and beauty sector. We work with hundreds of salons across the nation and support thousands of apprentices through their apprenticeship.

We have been offering our outstanding service for over 20 years and during this time we have learned of some invaluable benefits for salon owners who are looking to start out with apprentices to give their salon an amazing boost in these interesting times.

We hope these will help you make the most informed choices.

Future Proof Your Salon

At Saks Apprenticeships we understand that your salon is more than just a business, it is your heart and soul and your legacy.  

So, being ahead of the curve with ensuring the salon can thrive in almost any eventuality can only be a benefit to you, your clients and your team.

Hiring an apprentice can do just that!

They can become an integral part of your team, trained to standards that you set and developing relationships with you, your team and your clients. 

We also find that many of the apprentices, who complete their training with Saks Apprenticeships, stay loyal to their salons after achieving, setting your salon up for the challenges of the years to come. This is down to the dedication and support Saks offer both the salons and the apprentice in order to prepare them for the exciting but challenging career they have chosen to pursue.

Improve Salon Productivity

It has been found that an apprentice can improve salon productivity and can improve the staff retention at your business.

Existing staff members become empowered to nurture your apprentice, championing them when they do well and wanting to see out the apprenticeship with them.

Developing this type of camaraderie is vital in a successful salon.

Keep it Fresh

Your salon is doing well, your team are happy and clients can't recommend you highly enough. It's time for a new challenge.

Hiring an apprentice not only allows you to help develop the next generation of professionals it also lets you and your team develop new skills in training and coaching. 

Saks Apprenticeships provide you with all the tools required to up skill you and your team so that your apprentice has the best opportunities to achieve the highest levels in their apprenticeship. 

Improve the Corporate Outlook of Your Salon

Hiring and developing an apprentice will show potential clients, employees and investors that you are a centre of excellence for skills, growth and development. 

You will be seen as caring for the community by employing local youngsters and developing them into professional, skilled employees with a fantastic future in their chosen career. 

Potential employees will see a salon who care about their staff and their ongoing training, somewhere where they won't fall behind the trends and can learn new skills. 

Fantastic Financial Benefits

Covid-19 may not have left us, yet, but it has definitely changed the way we do business, which is why the UK Government has brought in some incredible incentives for hiring new apprentices.

To kick start the economy and get more young people into beneficial employment, between now and Jan 2021 you can get up to £3000 incentives for each new apprentice you employ.

This money is made up from an existing £1000 for new 16-18 year old apprentices and £2000 for employing a new apprentice aged under 25. If you hire an over 25 you can still get £1500.

Put this alongside the benefit that there will be no additional training costs for those under 18 and a minimal 5% for those above 18 hiring a new apprentice is an amazing win-win for your salon!


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