Why Should Saks Apprenticeships be Your Training Provider?

Saks apprenticeships are the UK’s leading training provider offering in work learning in the hairdressing, barbering and beauty sector. We work with hundreds of salons across the nation and support thousands of apprentices through their apprenticeship.

Saks Apprenticeships - Serving the Hair and Beauty Industry for over 20 Years 

During our 20 years of working in the hair and beauty industry we have...

  • Trained Over 7,000 apprentices
  • Helped Over 1,000 Salons across the UK
  • Achieved a 98% EPA Pass Rate for our apprentices
  • Maintained a similar figure for apprentices' staying in the industry

Right now your salon can get incentives of up to £3000 for hiring a new apprentice. Talk to us today to find out how much you can get...