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You may be just starting out as an apprentice with Saks Apprenticeships or you may have been with us for a while, but did you know you can get some fantastic benefits while you work through your apprenticeship.

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The Amazing NUS Apprentice Extra Card

The only discount card dedicated to apprentices, 1000's of apprentices are already saving an average of £13.50 per month on everything from food and fashion to travel and toiletries.
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The All New 2 Year NUS Apprentice Extra Card

The amazing team at NUS Apprentice Extra have just launched their all new 2 year discount card. 

This brilliant card is available for only £19 for two full years of discounts not only saving you an average of £13.50 a month but also reducing the card cost to less than £10 a year!

So for the price of a takeaway you could be getting the same takeaway at a massively discounted price.

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