Saks Apprenticeships Announce 2019 Award Winners

The Saks Apprentice Competition Winners Have Been Announced!

All Saks apprentices are invited to take part in the Saks Awards and this year saw some fantastic entries from hundreds of competitors.

So massive Congratulations to our wonderful Apprentice winners for all their hard work and effort and for coming out on top in 2019.

🏆 Saks Salon Winners 🏆
🌠 Hairdressing L2 - Maisie Ross from Saks Hairdressing Yarm 🌠
🌠 Hairdressing L3 - Lydia Gray from Saks Hair & Beauty Poulton 🌠
🌠 Barbering L2 - Jessica Smith from Saks Hexham 🌠
🌠 Beauty Therapy L2 - Tabitha Popps from Saks Beauty Halifax 🌠
🌠 Beauty Therapy L3 - Clare Neal from Saks Beauty and Skin Clinic Teesside 🌠

🏆 Independent Salon Winners 🏆
🌠 Hairdressing L2 - Kyra Dodsworth from Hair & Beauty Secrets Northallerton 🌠
🌠 Hairdressing L3 - Georgia Mountain from GH Hair Design 🌠
🌠 Barbering L2 - Ben Lawrence from Gershwins Barbers 🌠
🌠 Beauty Therapy L2 - Abigail Louise Goble from Powder Beauty Boutique 🌠
🌠 Beauty Therapy L3 - Emily Maslen from Savage Beauty 🌠

🏆 Saks Academy Maidstone Winners 🏆
🌠 Hairdressing L2 - Alisha Cairns from Hair Chemistry 🌠
🌠 Hairdressing L3 - Shannon Mealing from Lucas Hair 🌠

What a way to end #NAW2020. Well done to all our inspirational apprentices for their entries this year and a big shout out to all the apprentices working towards their qualifications and awards during 2020 and beyond!

If you want to find out more about Saks Apprenticeships, to either become an apprentice or hire a new star stylist, or if you want to enter the 2020 awards, drop us a message