Tia’s Angels Head Shave 👩🏼‍🦲

Tia Kelsey an apprentice at Accolade Hairdressing in Chipstead, Surrey is shaving her head live on Facebook for charity!

Start the new year with this spectacular charity event.

Everyone is invited to watch and donate to this extraordinary endeavour, which is going live at 4:15pm on the 04/01/2021 over on Tia’s Angels Head Shave Facebook group. There are five fantastic charities to choose from, each with a personal connection to Tia through one of her Angels;

Bone Cancer Research Trust - In memory of Tia’s Grandad Dave.


Funding Neuro - In memory of Tia’s Cousin Keira.


Royal British Legion - In memory of Tia’s Gramps Eric.


Cancer Research UK - In memory of Tia’s Lovely Friend Jane.


Ehlers Danlos UK - For herself, her Mumma and her Family who all have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.


Why Shave Your Hair?

When asked why she wanted to do a Head shave Tia said she “chose to do the head shave as I wanted to do something drastic and try to raise as much money as possible but, I’m a bit of a wimp so it had to be a little bit Tame haha. I’ve also always had a love hate relationship with my hair and had many Britney Spears moments when it doesn’t do what I want it to usually before a night out and I have that “I’m not going” meltdown, “I’m shaving it off” is a common phrase 5 minutes before we’re meant to be somewhere.”

Tia also discussed the reasons why she loves her role at Accolade Hairdressing “I think that’s why I love hairdressing so much, being able to make someone feel beautiful is lovely. I love working in the salon and talking to people, the clients are lovely and the support and donations I’ve had already are amazing.”

This dedication and motivation is also reflected in her apprenticeship which she has been working through for just over a year. Tia’s educator, Sophie, commented “Tia is making very good progress and is building excellent skills, she is very creative and likes to experiment with new looks and styles. She will be starting to build a column next year to build her confidence and skills. Tia is committed to learning and doing the best she can.”