The value of Saks apprentices


Ever thought of taking on an apprentice?


Layla Rogers, manager of Therapy salon, Canterbury, shares how valuable her Hairdressing apprentices are for her business:


"They provide a vital extra set of hands to assist with stylists and clients. They ensure the smooth running of the salon!"


For small salon owners looking to grow their business, apprentices are vital!


We understand how demanding salon life can be. This is why we put so much focus on offering the highest quality of education and support. It ensures apprentices are on-form and become an integral part of the workplace. They help salons reach their goals.


"We chose Saks Apprenticeships as our provider after doing a lot of research,” expressed Layla. “We knew they had excellent results.


"The ongoing support has been excellent. I love that the educators are in constant, close & direct contact with me. I'm always aware of where apprentices are up to and what we need to focus on next. There’s always a plan going forward."


Most Saks apprenticeships are work-based, meaning all training takes place in-salon. This style of learning provides "a solid bedrock of salon life in real-time. It builds foundations for long, successful careers."


Layla adds:


"If you choose to have an apprentice, you're future-proofing the legacy of your salon. You'll ensure you always have a steady stock of staff rising through the ranks. You're also contributing to the life of a young person's career, which is hugely rewarding.


"As employers, I believe we are duty-bound to take on apprentices. It ensures the quality of hairdressers and the industry as a whole for years to come. We need to invest in the future of our wonderful industry."


Apprentice Chloe and manager Layla:

Apprentice Chloe Manager Layla


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