The 11th Annual National Apprenticeship week is coming from 5th to 9th March 2018 but why should the schemes be celebrated? How could you make an apprenticeship work for you as an individual or as an employer? Saks are proud to be the number 1 provider of hair, beauty and barbering apprenticeships but just what makes us proud to be involved? This years #NAW2018 theme is ‘Apprenticeships Work’ so here we look at how the schemes can work for everyone.

The benefits of signing up as an Apprentice stretch further than just earning a wage while you learn-the average learner earns around £170 a week. However as well as this it should be considered that your qualification comes debt-free. The average student graduating from university leaves with around 50k of debt and an uncertain future.

As a learner it can be daunting to deviate from the expected higher education route-but it shouldn’t be. More people than ever are making the step into practical training and higher education is still an option with a fifth of advanced apprentices progressing to higher education upon competing their qualification. In terms of progression employers state that former apprentices are 15% more employable due to their practical experience and knowledge of a working routine. More than 60% of learners even stay with the same employer after their course ends and over 90% stay in work or complete further training.

So why should you take on an Apprentice as an Employer? Gone are the misconceptions of the young workforce being a weak link with 87% of employers impressed with the schemes and 76% reporting that productivity had increased as a result of taking part. On average, a business taking on an Apprentice sees a boost of £214 per week and the introduction of a fresh face is likely to revitalise the workforce with fresh ideas. Financially, Apprentices have proved to increase staff retention therefore cutting down on recruitment and training costs-advertising an Apprentice vacancy is even free!

With the National Apprentice Week looming how should you get involved? Saks Education want to hear from you!

Whether you're a current Apprentice, Employer or Educator we want to hear your success stories. We want to hear what apprenticeships have done for you because it's time to celebrate! Over the course of the week we will be posting on all of our Social Media channels to showcase the success of our learners and the benefits they have brought to their employers.

We want to not only hear your stories but see your snaps! Be proud of being an Apprentice and get uploading your work using the #NAW2018 hashtag and don't forget to mention us on the #saksapprentices hashtag and we'll be sure to re-post our faves. All entries will be entered into an Apprentice of the Minute competition and be in with a chance of winning an impressive prize chosen by our founder Tina herself. It's your time to get noticed! 

Send your stories to and for further information of how to get involved head on over here.

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