Carl Williams, level three Saks hairdressing apprentice, extensions wizard, hair slayer and all around creative genius talks to us about what kick started his passion for hair.

“Growing up I always had a thing for hair, I loved messing about with friends and families hair, creating new styles and hair ups.

“But honestly I had never considered hairdressing as a serious career, mainly because of pressure from my peers. So I went to college to study Catering, which I really enjoyed at first but found it very frustrating and stressful working in that kind of environment and I didn’t get 100% job satisfaction. Looking back, probably because deep down I knew it wasn’t really what I wanted to do.

“So I changed my career and went onto do youth and support work. I passed a lot of training and achieved my qualifications, but then lost my job due to lack of funding.
“At this point I had already started helping out in my friend’s salon, just sweeping and blow drying hair. But then I started putting my own stamp on styles by incorporating curls and plaits into the finished look, the more and more I did this I steadily built the confidence to go that bit further.

“I was asked to apply my friend’s hair extensions as a favour. After I did hers, and did them well, I was approached by more and more people.

“It was like something clicked, my very own lightbulb moment, I finally found something I was passionate about.

“More determined than ever I, went and completed a hair extension course and after 3 years I had built up a big client base. I also started applying colours to friend’s hairs and then was offered a placement on the Saks apprentice programme.

“It was the best decision I ever made! I found the theory work easy to understand and loved any practical task I was set. I passed my level two and went onto level three which I’m storming through now.

“I love hair dressing because there’s always something new to learn, it’s constantly changing; new techniques and products are created all the time,  it’s always great to be able to offer my clients 
something new and exciting.

“My favourite part is hair extensions and bridal work; it allows you to be part of something much greater than just changing a style. It is so rewarding to give someone the confidence to walk down the aisle make them feel amazing with long hair.

“I hope to continue progressing myself further and be the best I possibly can . Saks have helped me build confidence in my work, work independently and build up great working relationships with my clients.”

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