Saks star Apprentice Kiera from Saks Scarborough was amazed when she noticed her work was featured in Vogue!

Kiera, a level 3 Hair apprentice from Saks Scarborough has recently been accepted onto the Saks A-Team, a group of top stylists from within the Saks network that work on a number of exclusive opportunities, and in this case London Fashion Week.

Kiera talks to us about her experience, and how it felt having her work featured in the worlds most acclaimed fashion magazine.

I feel so lucky to have had this incredible experience; it all started when Luke Pluckrose (Director of the Saks Art Team) had posted on the online Saks Forum asking if any stylists would like to assist the Saks Art Team at London Fashion Week. My Manager, Nikki asked us if we were interested and I thought it was such a fantastic opportunity, so I put my name forward straight away. I was accepted and that was that, I was sent the date venue and call time and booked my trains!

The experience was absolutely amazing! Apart from working at the clothes show, I'd never done anything so high profile before. It was surprisingly quite chilled out backstage! It was amazing to see the looks come together and how the whole look was built with the hair style and makeup then the clothes. 

The highlight of the whole experience was definitely getting to watch the show and seeing the models walk the catwalk and think 'yeah I did her hair!'

When I saw my work was featured in Vogue, oh my goodness I was so excited! I texted everyone I knew to tell them. I don't think you'd ever expect an apprentice stylist from Scarborough to get their work in such a famous magazine, I was absolutely bouncing off the walls with excitement! 

I have to say that the training you get with Saks Apprenticeships is such a high standard and because it's one to one training, it has really helped to boost my confidence, and encouraged me to take these kinds of unique opportunities. My Educator Georgina visits the salon regularly to check my

progress and to complete assessments with me, it's just all so well organised, I know that I am in good hands with my training! 

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship in Hair or Beauty it would be to always remember that there are no boundaries in this business, if you show that you want it enough and you have passion for what you do, the opportunities will become endless. Just keep pushing yourself. 



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