New Standards put forward by employers, on behalf of the Beauty Industry have been rejected- resulting in slipping standards and an unregulated industry.

We need your support to make sure this doesn't happen!

Some of you may be aware that the Government has been working on a number of changes to 'shake up' the Apprenticeship/Education system.
The Government called on employers and training providers from the relevant industries to have their say on how these new standards should look / work. In the Beauty Industry, all involved agreed that they;
-Want a qualification to form part of the Apprenticeship standard
- An end test to form part of the qualification
These standards were developed by employers to help raise the standards of those entering the Beauty Industry, and to ensure and secure a regulated industry. The purpose of the ‘Trade Test’ style end exam is to ensure the apprentice has been trained to the correct standard- and that they are a confident and competent employee.
Unfortunately, despite similar standards being approved for the Hairdressing industry - these Beauty Standards were rejected.
So what does this mean?
Without these standards, this means Beauty Apprentices will no longer need, or receive a formal qualification at the end of their course.
As you can quite imagine, the repercussions of this will undoubtedly result in a dramatic fall in standards, and an unregulated Beauty industry.
What can I do?
We strongly believe that learners should have a qualification that can monitor the progress of every apprentice throughout their learning journey. Otherwise - how can we ensure apprentices are working to the correct standards and not jeopardising the integrity of the Beauty industry?
We are calling on all employers to show their support of the proposed qualification process by writing a letter / email of support to the addresses below;

FAO: Tina Rook
Saks Education
55-59 Duke Street
In the letter/email, we would encourage employers to write for the support of;
-Having a qualification form part of the Apprenticeship standard
-Having an end test form part of the qualification
If you could address the email/letter 'to Whom it may concern’, we would be incredibly grateful.
It is time for employers to have their say about the future of the industry!
Thank you for your support.
Saks Apprenticeships

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